Monday, April 20, 2009

Favorite hand missals

What hand missal do you use? I started out with a St Joseph's Daily Missal, mid-50's. When I became more familiar with the Mass, I stepped up to the "New Father Lasance Missal" of 1945. It is bulky, but complete. After over a decade of consistent use, it is holding up very well.
So, what are you using. Likes and dislikes.


Saturday, April 18, 2009


Greetings. I have decided to start a blog for chatting on what is happening in the world that effects the Church and those trying to practice their Catholicism to the fullest of their abilities. Given the times and world we all live in, we may have views that are not all the same in some areas. I would hope that, if one is striving to live a holy life, that one is always going to be open to whatever holy mother the Church has always taught. In all things, I want to post and respond to posts with charity and understanding. I will do my best to stand by the truths of the faith to the best of my ability.

With this, I would like to just say that I ask and pray for the intercession of Our Lady of Mt Carmel as I embark on this undertaking.

Our Lady of Mt Carmel, pray for us.